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Traveler T1160 T-Tail Replacement

  • NO.:T1160-TTail
  • Brand:Finwing
  • Market price:$39.99
    Price For You:$0.99
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symbolically 0.99 for V1 owner only.

Started on 10th June

Ending on 30th August.

The pre-order page will be closed after 30th August. No T-tail parts to supply anymore in future since the Tail parts is almost impossible to be damaged.Every V1 Owner only order 1PCS T-tail otherwise invalid (except your previous order are 2PCS V1 Travelerplanes)


 Pre-order, limited to V1 Owners only! 


Shipping: Please choose "Small&Lighter Parcel Airmail"

Only Traveler without Suitcase or Traveler replacement, parts valid to choose "Small &Lighter Parcel Airmail" Traveler with suitcase is invalid because of the weight and Size restrictions by Post office. according to the feedbacks of some guys from EU told me the" Small&Lighter Parcel Airmail" is possible to passing customs without charges. 

 Currently the T-tail replacement only supply to V1 Owners, please tell us (Email to support@finwing.cn )  your order number and Screenshort of your order detail if your order was not from Finwing store but from finwing's dealers. otherwise your order would be regarded as invalid and won't arrange for shipment.

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