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FAQ___Why my package no updating on-line for many days?
XUWING/FINWING FPV UAV Aircraft / 2016-10-06
Why My Package no updating on-line for may days! ( Shipping by EMS)

Maybe you will see your package information not updated for many days on-line! but actually your package is "queue up"

For example tracking info showing as one of these:

"CHINA,  EMS, Processed Through Facility"

"China, International item mailed in originating country"

"International item has left originating country and is en route to #####"

"Origin Post is Preparing Shipment"

"Processing and Preparing Shipment to the destination"

"Dispatched from International Mail Exchange"

"The EMS item is in Chine Rep Pop at the EMS sorting Center."

"China 510321, Reception, Moskva 83 127083"

Firstly please rest assured that your package is 100% has been shipped out, don't guessing the seller failed to ship you package. Seconly please kindly be noted this is the normal situation, why? 


#1: EMS is the express service of National post,  it is the shipper's national post office to buyer's national post office. 


#2: EMS is unlike UPS/ Fedex/ DHL, they don't have their own cargo Airlines. all the package will be carried by the passager's Airline, it means the package is impossible to be "On Board" immediately,  dependent on how many Airlines available every days or every week to buyer's county.  If too many package "queue up" and less Airline availble to buyer's country , so the package may "queue up' many days more. this is why EMS slower than UPS/Fedex.... you know the shipping cost is also very cheap compared with UPS/ Fedex

As fas as I knew for example: ( just example for your reference)

Airlines to Dubai is good , Generally 2-3 work days will be arrived at Dubai Customs, as fast as DHL 
Airlines to USA, Australia,West Europe is also good but also tons of package to those areas too, Generally will be queue up 3-5 work days waiting

Airlines to Middle-East, East Euope,North Europe and South America is few, Generaly have to queue up about 5 - 7 works days waiting for Airlines 

You should know during the period of  "queue up"  won't have any updating on-line. 

But once arrived and passed destination customs, it will be soon and just few days to be arrived to your home. 


3#:  sometimes maybe becuase of the EMS on-line updaing not "live updating".

Sometimes the on-line shown package is still in transit but buyer told me they got the package already! 

Please rest assured we will keep eyes on the package like you! 




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