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FAQ___How to choose the delivery method Properly!
XUWING/FINWING FPV UAV Aircraft / 2016-11-24


1. << Small&Lighter Parcel Airmail>>

To Traveler T1160 kits and ARF (without Suitcase) 

Pan&Tilt, Motor, servo, ESC. 

For Traveler plane (kits without suitcase)  <<Small&Lighter Parcel Airmail>>   is quite economy and . more importantly according to buyers' feedback in Uk, and other EU country no customs charges at all. but this is only limited to small size, lighter box.  so if traveler with suitcase is too heavier to shipping by the way, please choose "EMS express heavy package" 



2. << EMS Express (Priority)>>

Big box packing for the airplanes such as Penguin, Sabre, Airtitan and Spare parts of Fuselage or wings please(Only available to ) choose <<EMS Express Priority>>    It is too expensive to ship the big box package by DHL/Fedex/UPS etc.

Latest updating:

Hongkong EMS is the fastest Nation owned Post express service, generally cost around 3-7days. sometimes to Singapore, Korea only cost 48 hours  and even 24 hours arrived in Korea,  but some remote-area and customs clearance would make it longer than usual. 


3. Either <<DHL/UPS (Small Package Only) >> OR << EMS Express Priority>>

Small Parts' Package:  Pan&Tilt,  Ski-jump Rail,  Motor, ESC and Servo  is available choose either   <<DHL/UPS(Small package only)>>   or   <<EMS Express Priority>> , it's Depends on buyers' options


Note* DHL/UPS will have Remote Area Surcharge for the "Remote Area" delivery, you can search on DHL/UPS website enter country and Postcode checking is your area is the Remote Area?

All states are Non-Remote Area if by DHL in USA. so won't surcharge to USA buyers  if shipping by DHL

Search For Remote Areas Now (DHL) 


Search For Remote Areas Now (UPS) 

Our shop's shipping cost not including "extral delivery cost for the remote area" you will have to pay it separately after the order payment if you are in the Remote areas listing,we will contact you later if checking your address is "Remote Area"  this is only limited to DHL/UPS/TNT/ Fedex.  EMS won't charge any extral cost for the remote area.


Know more about Remote area surcharge?





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