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FAQ___Travelerplane shipping details
XUWING/FINWING FPV UAV Aircraft / 2016-12-07


Travelerplane was designed to be small packing, so the shipping method may also differently with others


According to the feedbacks of some guys from EU told me the" Small&Lighter Parcel Airmail" is possible to passing customs without charges. but it's only limited to Traveler basic kits and ARF  (without suitecase)


Why Kits or kits +other parts like Electronic parts and launch Cart use "Small&Lighter Parcel Airmail". this is because the kits's package only 1.5kg. 


but outer box is the same as Kits+suitcase. so if Kits +suitcase the actual weight is approximately 5.5-6.0kg. but dimension weight is also around 6.5-7.5kg. as we had explained DHL/UPS/Fedex use Volume weight.  according to that weight the shipping cost by DHL to most of the area is the best,  price is even cheaper than EMS express but much faster than EMS. some of the area is UPS is better. but some area is very expensive to use DHL, if you can see " EMS Express Heavy package" it means this is the best options to shipping your package given that your order including Travelerplane kits Plus Suitcase together.  if you see your area is DHL but no UPS it means DHL is better, some area will see UPS but no DHL, it means UPS is better to you. at last bear in mind DHL/UPS/Fedex will have extra surcharge to the "remote area" so you can check this their website is you area is the  "remote area" ?  Good news to US buyers is dated today DHL won't have any surcharge to all USA states. it means US buyer can ignore this if shipping by DHL. 


Note* if you think the suitcase is good to you, recommend to buy it together with travelerplane, this would save lots of cost to you but if buy it separately next time it means you have to pay the shipping cost twice.

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