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Dealers'Good News Shipping to EU by Railway
XUWING/FINWING FPV UAV Aircraft / 2018-01-26

Faster, Cheaper and Convenience shipping by Asia-EU Railway

Generally 25-30days Door to Door including Tax. 



For instance Shipping these planes To UK, Germany:

Sabre 1900:   2PCS sabre per box volume weight is around 25kg( not Actual weight) ,

10PCS sabre total weight  125kg

totally cost is 125*1.7=212.5, Averagely only US$21.2 per airplane. 


Penguin 1720: 2PCS Penguin per box volume weight is around 33.0kg(not Actual weight),

8PCS  penguin total weight 132kg

totally cost is 132*1.7=224.4, Averagely only  $28.0 per airplane


Traveler T1160: 5PCS Traveler Per box volume weight is around 36kg(not actual weight)

15PCS Traveler total weight 108kg

Totally cost is 108*1.7=183.6, Averagely only $12.2 per airplane

big advantages for this plane is even including a 2.5kg suitcase is also the same shipping cost, 

generally if shipping by express must use DHL cost around $60.0 per plane if including that suitcase. 


Seller, Dealers please feel free to contact us via Email: inquiry@finwing.cn 



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