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Group buying and Sea shipping to US buyers
Finwing / 2021-05-05

There is a "huge impact" message: a new rules  from Postal service (Postal Airmail, EMS) since 28th April. 2021  

From China to US package : Box size bigger than 40CM (around 15 1/2 inch) shipping price would be calculated by "volume weight" 

it means too expensive to use Postal Airmail and EMS to ship Albabird to USA from now on


what is Volume weight? let's take Albabird as instance 

Alabbird Actually weight is only 2.0kg but Volume weight is upto 7kg, Obviously  would be triple price if calculated by 7kg 

Can still shipping by EMS but forget it if the price is triple (even expeisive than DHL/UPS/ Fedex)  


What is the solutions if want to shipping directly from China to US? 

Solutions is two airplane packing together shipping by Sea shipping + express service 

( once package pass US cutoms will be picked up by US or Fedex delivery) 

You have to invite your friends who in the same city to buy 2PCS Albabird, ask him to pick up that package from your home once package arrived. 


What is the shipping cost? 

2PCS Albabird shipping together cost around US$74.0 (averagely $37.0 per airplane)


What is the shipping time? 

Generally cost around 25-30days, sometimes cost around 35-40days 


What is Sea shipping + express? How is  sea shipping doing? 

package will be sea shipping to US port then clear customs, this priod will cost around 20-25days, during this priod there is no tracking information updating until packge passing customs successfully then picked  up by UPS or Fedex, then there will be tracking info updating on UPS or Fedex website, it means you will get your package in couple of days

we name it sea shipping + express service, it's a cooperation by sea shipping and US local express service (UPS/Fedex) 


Why group buying? why not shipping 1PCS Albabird? 

Becuse if shipping only 1PCS Albabird will also cost US$74.0, their Minimum weight should be >22.0kg, if not 22.0kg pacakge will also be calculated based on 22kg 


if 3PCS Albabird will be cheaper? 

Yes 3PCS Albabird shipping together will cost around US$82.0, so avragely only cost US$27 per airplane 



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