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FPV,Airplane Sabre Premium ARF (1900MM/74.8")

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UAV/FPV Airplane Sabre Premium ARF (Part No:FS1502)

Wing Span : 1900MM (74.8")

Length: 1320MM(52")

Max.AUW: 4.5kg(10.0 Pound)

Duration: 1.0-2.0 hours

Flight Range: >40.0km

Flap: Options servo not included ( 2PCS 9g Servo)



Airframe Hardwares, Servo horn, Aileron,elevator,Rudder extension wires

11*5.5" Propeller

Glue not included because of Airmail restrictions

1PCS Brushless Motor M2820(3542)

1PCS Premium Brushless 60A ESC OPTO

1PCS External UBEC 6A

3PCS Digital Metal gear 23g servo

1PCS 9g servo


Designer's Voice   

Some of your words in my mind when Choose an airfoil and its aerodynamic performance:

Battle up headwinds or cutting the wind like knife,  good slow flying and comparatively fast flying performance as well, long range and long time flying.mild tip stall ,wind penetration etc..Which words is yours?    

As you said: nothing is perfect but the perfect compromise !                              

In consideration of wind turbulence, primary pilots, efficiency lost by traditional pusher aircrafts.The raised fuselage bay , CG.raised accordingly and high-wing combined with a little dihedral angle is good to self correcting. Finally come out good roll stability,  pitch stability and more efficient thrust.  


This is the Module 2 (not included with all airplane packages except deluxe package)




FPV UAV Sabre 7.5 miles  smoothvirus



Left Side is the standard nose(not including module), right side installed a "moduel 2" 


The following parts not included with all airplane packages except deluxe package




Deluxe package and Premium package including Motor/ ESC/BEC and Servos


Reviewers flown over 4.5kg(10 Pound) cruising at about 6-8A!


Gallery: Owner's Sabre





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