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  • 13g Metal Gear Servo(KingMax)
  • 13g Metal Gear Servo(KingMax)
    Goods Brief:Servo size is similar to common 9g plastic servo. Stall Torque (5.0V): 4.3kg.cm (59.73 oz/in) Stall Torque (6.0V): 5.0kg.cm (69.45 oz/in)
  • Market price:$7.50
    Price For You:$5.50
  • 7040 3Blade CW+CCW
  • 7040 3Blade CW+CCW
    Goods Brief:It's good to use with Stock Motor R2207 KV1300
  • Market price:$1.29
    Price For You:$1.29
  • FPV Plane AlbaBird Kits (Look at the following options)
  • FPV Plane AlbaBird Kits (Look at the following options)
    Goods Brief:AlbaBird is a great choice if you want to own a plane not that big, easy hand launching, super stable and easy to fly, conveniet to carry, easy ,fast deployment and breakdown more importantly be capable of easy flying 60-150 minutes has been proved by
  • Market price:$99.90
    Price For You:$69.90
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