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Albabird-XL VTOL Plane X4 TiltRotor PNP Combo

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Reminder to Republic of Korea buyers:

Personal buyrs please Must leave message or email to us to provide with buyers' 개인통관고유부호 for customs clearance, if want to use the name of company for customs clearance please provided with company name and a business numbers(10 numbers), otherwsie can't be  shipped out! because if we shipped out without that code then it's possible to be charged extra fees by your local customs! 



Here to Download Airplane User Manual 


Here to Download our testing Parameters&PID


Here to learn what Autopilot and how to setting Parameters tunning PID




What is Albabird-XL VTOL Airplane?

Put in creative design and new concepts, took the advantages of both old Albabird and VTBIRD to make a brand new VTOL plane named as Albabird-XL. purpose of this plane is for hobby FPV,a medium sized VTOL UAV platform for civilian devices patrolling, assistance for rescuing and perfect choice for VTOL plane trainning platform too. 





Airframe are 95% Finished, fuselage, wings are pre-glued but Electronics Motors, ESC, Servo not pre-installed



Albabird-XL VTOL Airpalne X4 TiltRotor Specifications


Question: Want to learn what is X4 TiltRotor PNP Combo?

Introductions on what included in the Albabird-XL X4 TiltRotor PNP combo as below:(Reminder:flight controller, RC controller, battery not included)



Size Unit: MM








Answer to questions on :

How is the plane's battery bay space?

What battery should I use for Albabird-XL VTOL X4TiltRotor version?



Read below to learn what battery and flight time 




How to choose between 4+1 and TiltRotor?

Frequently bing asked I don't know how to choose between 4+1 and TiltRotor! Here below is my conclusions to tell you what's the differnece for you  to make your decision.

if you are new to fly VTOL without special demands, go ahead to choose X4+1 without hesitations.


if you want to be the best flight time, the longest distance, go ahead to choose X4+1 without hesitatons.


if you want to install device at  or on the nose of the plane, go ahead to choose X4+1 without hesitatons.


if you are specified want a TiltRotor structure plane for testing, go ahead to choose X4 TiltRotor.


if you want to install device at the backward of the fuselage, go ahead to choose X4 TiltRotor.


if you don't mind less flight time by using samller battery  but want the heavier payload the better, 

go ahead to choose X4 TiltRotor.



Important Note about shipping



(Read Pre-to order)


EU buyers please Select "Sea shipping inclusive"  

(FYI: Generally 40days arrived)


USA, UK, Australia buyers please Select "Sea shipping inclusive" 

(FYI:USA Priority 30days arrived)

(UK and Australia 40days arrived)


Singapore, Malaysia buyers please Select " South east Asia direct service"

(FYI: SG.Generally 15days arrived)

(FYI: MY.Generally20-30days arrived)


South Korea buyers please Select "Korea direct express mail service" 

(FYI: Generally6 days arrived)


Indonesia, philippine buyers please email to us, need local forwarder for you directly.

There are many Forwarders who has warehouse  in China to your area directly!

Other area not listed above please email to support@finwing.cn for details



There is an ecnonmy UPS Air shipping method to EU and North America(of course would be expensive than Sea shipping) but it's cheaper than other Air shipping express service.

Please email to Support@finwing.cn asking for UPS Air shipping quotaiotn if you want to get the plane as fast as possible but don't mind to pay a bit more shipping cost. different area shipping cost is differertly and their price also keep changing, so please email to us is required.







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