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XUWING FPV Plane AlbaBird V2 Kits (buy one means including two Planes)

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Order note


The price $139.9 is Two planes group buy together(including two planes)  instead of 1PCS alone! if you want to buy only 1PCS plane have to use DHL/Fedex/UPS, no other options,  please email to us !


2PCS Albabird planes packing together shipment by the following shipping method, (if only 1PCS can only ship by expensive DHL/UPS/Fedex, please email to us for quotations) to support@finwing.cn


EU buyers please select "Sea shipping inclusive"  

USA, UK, Australia buyers please select "Sea shipping inclusive" 

Singapore, Malaysia buyers please select " South east Asia direct service"

Indonesia,  buyers please email to us, need local forwarder for you directly.

South Korea buyers please select "Korea direct express mail service" 

Other area not listed above please email to support@finwing.cn for details



There is an ecnonmy UPS Air shipping method to EU and North America(of course would be expensive than Sea shipping) but it's cheaper than other Air shipping express service.


Especially for that one who want only 1PCS plane and wish to get it quickly to your door!

Please email to Support@finwing.cn asking for UPS Air shipping quotaiotn if you want to get the plane as fast as possible but don't mind to pay a bit more shipping cost. different area shipping cost is differertly and their price also keep changing, so please email to us is required.


What Distinguished Albabird from other plane or similiar sized plane? 

*Very good efficient, be capable to fly upto 100 minutes, 2 hours

*Better slow speed characteristics, very mild stall characteristic and no tip-stall   

*Quick connection between wings and fuselage, portable friendly design  

*Tons of fuselage space much more than similar sized planes

   very comfortable to install devices, battery


Albabird Flight Recorder: 197.7km, Time: 3 hours 25 Minutes


AlbaBird User Manual Download Cllick here

Albabird User Manual Download updating on 01/04/2021


3D print landing gear running on pavement?  

Download Here:    3D Print landing gear for Albabird 

introductions:  https://youtu.be/--Oakb3h-mI


3D print Tail site (tail veiw camera mount)

Download Here: 3D Print Tail camera Mount 

introductions: https://youtu.be/VH5NIEMQvRI


3D Print Belly Skid to protect airplane belly and Props (7'Props won't touch ground)

Downlaod Here:  AlbaBird 3D Print Belly Skid 


Rcgroups Discussion Owner Thread:


AlbaBird Introductions:

Purpose of the AlbaBird was to design a much better plane to replace the old Traveller。learning, listening and flight testing finally came out the new resolutions. The AlbaBird has much better flight characteristics such as better Lift-Drag Ratio by the new Airfoil and new configurations, more space and easy plug-fly design is more friendly and convenient to fly and breakdown. it's not big but we tested AUW 1.7kg is still comfortable with Airspeed  only11M/S proved its good slow flying characteristics, it was design to be portable too ( if you like a backpack is workable to carry)

AlbaBird is a great choice if you want to own a plane not that big, easy hand launching, super stable and easy to fly,   conveniet to carry, easy ,fast  deployment and breakdown  more importantly be capable of easy flying 60-120 minutes (or even 150 minutes) by 18650 4S2P, 4S3P, 4S4P bas been proved by users



WingSpan: 1100MM (43 1/3")

Length: Fuselage 800MM/ assembled 870MM

WingArea: 20 sqDM

Material: Durable high quality white EPO

Kits weight: Approximately 460g

AUW had ever been tested: 1.7kg is still comfortable

(But Doesn't  mean a maximum AUW) max, upto 2.0kg-2.2kg had even been flown by flyers

Recommended AUW between 1.3-1.5kg is a comfortable weight

Battery Recommended (not inlcuded by kits package):

Lipo:4S 5000mah-8000mah

18650 4S2P(6800mah)AUW around 1.3-1.4kg, Durability 60+ Minutes

18650 4S3P (10200mah)  AUW aroud 1.45-1.55kg durability 90+ Minutes, we tested 100 minutes flight.

21700 4S2P (9000mah) AUW aroud 1.45-1.55kg durability 90+ Minutes

Or if want to be long range 18650 4S4P  AUW aroud 1.7kg durability 120+ Minutes

Efficiency Cruising Speed (Air Speed) 40km-45km/h  if no Airspeed only Ground speed 50km/h

Note: Propellers, Motosr, Servos, ESC and battery not inlcuded by kits package

Propellers: 6045,  7050  and 8045  (max. size allowed 8" )

Servo: 4PCS  DM09(12g) Metal Gear servo

Motor: 2207

ESC: 30A 

Recommend 2207 kV1300  Battery,

2207 KV 1300  Battery 3S  Propeller 8045

2207 KV 1300  Battery 4S  Propeller 7050 or 8045 all acceptable

2207 KV 1300  Battery 6S  Propeller 6040 or 6045

Click here to learn motor's testing data


8" is great if grass land landing, but 6" is good to protect Props if landing on pavement, feedback from some flyer use Stock 2207 KV1300 7" 3 Blade props told us it's good to fly and won't hurt props too espeically when they added a belly protector plate 







Standard kits/PNP is Non-Detachable fuselage


All foam parts are exactely the same no matter Detachable or Non-detachable version.


Difference is Detachable version need to add some detachable parts to keep tail part of the fuselage detachable

non-detachable fusealge has to be glued to one intact fuselage finally











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